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PalmINNOV Mission

PalmINNOV started as a collaborative platform at the onset of the pandemic. It went about listing all the problems faced by the oil palm industry before going about finding solutions for

  • lack of labour,
  • lack of pollen,
  • lack of Ganoderma infestation warning,
  • lack of biodiversity control,
  • lack of deforestation control,
  • lack of wildlife monitoring within and around estates…

The deployment of the first light-on-its-feet, fast & nimble oil palm harvesting system is on-going in Central Kalimantan.

All solutions are developed with the collaboration of South East Asia main planters, a renowned international agronomy research institute and the top traceability software house, IoT technologist & microchip maker.

More recently was added a satellite company transporting data near-real-time from one side of a hill to the other side of the same hill. It does so at a lower cost that “non-existing cellular!!!!”

To sum-up the oil palm industry has started transitioning to “precision agriculture” mode:

Each palm becomes a profit & loss centre (exact FFB tonnage harvested on which palm where on the crown at what height when and by which machine and operator, how much fertilizer spread when…)

With full traceability of every bunch from tree2mill, deforestation will progressively become a thing of the past!

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