A Fast & Nimble Automated Harvesting Machine

A Fast & Nimble Automated Harvesting Machine.

Palm INNOV can achieve a reduction of close to 50% of workers in an estate with the model proposed. It replaces the no longer available workers. 

Our close links with key players in the industry indicate that these are a desirable proposition for coastal areas (2 million hectares in Malaysia & Indonesia)

The proposed harvesting platform enables additional valuable functionalities. 

Through its movement & activities in the field, the harvesting machine collects large amounts of essential data, thanks to cameras, optics & image processing.

Once aggregated data used to develop models to predict future yield & support diagnostic efforts, allowing identification of issues & targeted interventions.  

In a typical large estate, Palm INNOV harvester can induce a reduction of 200-300 manual workers and the creation of 88-132 Industry 4.0 high-skill “gender-neutral” jobs.

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