“Farm to Fork” Palm Oil traceability

The problem

The collaborative project described hereafter engaged 66 palm oil mills, 1,598 agents, and 110,900 independent smallholder farmers in a single project.


The solution impact

This application users increase responsible and sustainable sourcing of raw material, improve market access, professionalize smallholder farming and increase revenues with innovative technologies, and reduce risks along global supply chains.

PalmOilTrace is integrating any supply chain certification standards and provides management dashboards for the Internal Management System of certificate holders, auditing bodies, and the standard setting organization.


The services provided

  • Supplier and farmer profiling
  • Smallholder plantations mapping
  • Verification of NDPE & other industry requirements
  • Introduction & implementation of responsible sourcing standards (MSPO, ISPO, RSPO)
  • Supplier engagement & improved supply chain transparency
  • Downstream traceability from individual plantations to agents, mills, and refineries to end-product manufacturers
  • Individual farmer coaching to attain sustainable palm oil practices.


Contact Manfred Borer at manfred.borer@oilpalminnov.com


Innovators behind this project

Manfred Borer
Chain of custody - Traceability and Transparency in Supply Chains

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