Mechanize your harvesting to save the labour you no longer have!

The problem

Given Plantations labour shortages in both Indonesia and Malaysia, the industry must automate harvesting soonest in a decisively novel and comprehensive manner.

The collaborative project proposed hereafter only indicates paths to potential solutions.

This is a collaborative project concerning both Indonesia and Malaysia hence a project that qualifies for EU funding with co-funding by Malaysia & Indonesia Authorities & R&D funding from planters with a planted land banks over a quarter million hectares.

This project is therefore mentioned here in not too many details to sound the industrys willingness to address this issue in a collaborative effort involving planters, research institutes, tech firms and Governmental  Authorities.

The solution

  • Vehicle & its operator replace
    • the grabber operator & his MTG.
    • 1 cutter, 1 pruner, 1/2 stacker, 1/10th checker & 1 loose fruit picker.
  • It transmits its position wirelessly to the estate backend every X minutes (X being the average time taken to service ONE palm tree in a specific estate).
  • Its cutting apparatus is of a totally new design.
  • Vehicle mobility mimics that of a worker
  • Ripeness is checked optically and recorded for machine learning and AI.
  • FFB does not fall to the ground.
  • Olfactic and sound sensors onboarded to address among others Ganoderma & poaching.


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