Reversing the final consumer perception of the Oil Palm Industry

Strategy to boost differentiation and revenue with a commodity based B2B product (coffee).

The problem

Though this example covers coffee, it can be duplicated to Oil Palm to revert Palm Oil rejection by European& USA  consumers.

A French-based medium-size specialty coffee roaster distributing full coffee solutions was struggling to differentiate their offer and stand out in an extremely competitive market dominated by giants such as Nespresso.

The challenge was which CSR strategy could be deployed to capitalize on the company’s heritage and to get away from its me-too strategy?

The solution

A complete CSR strategy was designed consisting of 3 key CAUSES, each served by specific commitments and concrete actionable programs: ZERO WASTE, FAIR TRADE, LOCAL SOLIDARITY. The company is now B-Corp certified and sales were boosted by 100% in less than two years.

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