Set up wireless sensors and listen to what your plantation tells you

The problem

Currently US$ billions are wasted yearly in Malaysia and Indonesia due to unharvested crop. By the time a particular palm is visited by a cutter that bunch has rotten. Hence the need to monitor every worker and machine to know if that palm was at least “walked by”. See illustration of a cutter leaving huge gaps in his task of the day.

Similar issue with measuring humidity of the soil and NPK levels in some difficult soils.

Or again measuring biodiversity levels, pest infestations.

All require in or around the plantations the availability of wireless


The solution

Deploy the wireless solution that suits your problem.

The arrival of LoRa technology in the farming industry marked the beginning of a technological revolution as it is now possible to

  • deploy autonomously, at reasonable costs, a communication network in the middle of nowhere,
  • collect data from many wireless devices with long battery autonomy without depending on the decision of a telecom operator to provide coverage in every corner of an oil palm plantation.


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Cutter leaving huge gaps in his task of the day!
Palms visited bold. Palms “missed out” in lighter colour.

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