Automated Biodiversity monitoring management within oil palm plantations

Automated Biodiversity monitoring management within oil palm plantations

In the fragmented landscape characteristic of the Anthropocene, many animals use oil palm estates during their movements between protected areas or as a source of food. Therefore, it is essential to document what happens to these animals. 

Monitoring and managing wildlife and its habitat is a priority and an essential part of sustainability practices. 

The goals of a sound Biodiversity monitoring strategy include:

1. Assessing the impacts of oil palm exploitation on biodiversity and inform proper adaptive management practices;  

2. Minimizing risks of conflicts with people & damages to people’s crops;

3. Protecting animals from potential harm when in a plantation (especially when these animals are protected by law or attract international attention, such as tigers, orang-utan, or elephants). 

Promoting peaceful coexistence between wildlife and people will become a reality only when adequate monitoring tools are readily available and implemented on the ground.

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