How Oil Palm planters can adopt more sustainable solutions and stop setting their forest on fire

Fires in Turkey, in Greece, now in France. Fires everywhere but hardly any in Borneo or Sumatra on NASA map of the world (orange dots are currently burning fires).
As recently as 2019, deforestation fires were raging in both islands with smoke all the way to Japan!

Does this mean that the oil palm industry has finally got its act together? Unfortunately not! El Niño and La Niña events are probably responsible.

It does not mean however that Oil palm planters are not hard at work to put a stop to the setting of their forests on fire. The industry is developing innovative solutions to grow more on the same acreage. A case in point: Palm INNOV.

It has 3 significant projects underway:

1. A harvesting machine financed by more bunches harvested on time with a 30% reduction in the number of workers in a given estate.

2. An enhanced pollination system financed by a minute portion of the extra oil it yields.

3. A biodiversity monitoring system that triangulates a poacher firing a shot, takes his picture if within range of powered camera traps & transmits the same wirelessly to enforcement.

The industry is about to demonstrate to the public at large that it is now better monitored and more sustainable than most oleaginous crops grown on the Planet.

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