Simple, increase the yield of every hectare grown and improve the amount of oil extracted from each fruit bunch. Tackled together, it provides part of the solution to feeding the world on less land.

While the answer is clear, the journey remains slow due to the complexity of the problem, as well as gaps in knowledge needed to address this complexity.

Palm INNOV (PI) believes that it has access to the technologies that will help drive change. The terms are not new, but the approach is.

Two separate teams are currently working on
1. Enhanced pollination.
2. Mechanised harvesting, to increase the yield of every hectare grown.

Enhanced pollination

This innovation is achieved using a novel technology wherever natural pollination is insufficient. It improves the pollination success rate without manual pollination, as done in the past.

How do we do it? By deploying pollination stations loaded with novel technology to boost the pollination efficiency of the weevils.

And to add icing to the cake, the pollination stations can be equipped with sensors. This has the added advantage of turning them into remote monitoring platforms to log wildlife movement and assist biodiversity counts.

Entomologists, breeders, and an
IoT lab have joined forces to deliver a performing innovative enhanced pollination process that doesn’t require labor (acute shortage of labor in SEA).

Mechanised harvesting

A new generation of machines is being developed which will address the problem of harvesting tall palms due to the scarcity of qualified human harvesters.

The cost to the Malaysian oil palm industry, due to this problem is astronomical! What would such a machine be worth?

No machine developed so far has matched the challenge fully.
But with Palm INNOV technical improvements, we aim to have a faster machine and not allow any bunch to be missed. This results in reducing loss and maximizing efficiency. We have a winner in the making!

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