Emmanuel Mounier

Oil Palm wireless technologies

Co-founder and Managing Director of MEDRIA Technologies, developing solutions for dairy cows monitoring has given Emmanuel more than 15 years of experience in IoT and AgTech.

He joined SEMTECH in 2017 to develop the smart agriculture vertical activity worldwide for its wireless technology (LoRa). Emmanuel was also an active member of the LoRaAlliance smart agriculture workgroup.

It is in his SEMTECH capacity that Emmanuel assisted Tanalys and TanaLink in developing its Oil Palm LoRa solutions by selecting three electronic laboratories in Rennes for TanaLink to select from.

Before co-founding MEDRIA, he spent 4 years deploying Fiber optic transmission equipment in France and 6 years in wireless transmission for telecommunications with international assignments in Slovakia, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, and Zimbabwe.

Along with his MA in biomedical instrumentation, Emmanuel holds an Engineering Degree from Telecom Bretagne.

Emmanuel's Collaborative Projects

Set up wireless sensors and listen to what your plantation tells you

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