Thank Ganoderma and for the supportive input for discovering a plague

Thank for you concern about #ganoderma and for your supportive input. It is definitely a plague. 

As you can see on this photo, a treatment exists. The palm fully recovers when injected with a specific organic acid as per a protocol devised with UM Sabah.

What is not available however is an advance infestation warning system. The industry looses too many palms to this silly disease.

Yes the elephants have that system and since training dogs or pigs is not an option, PalmINNOV has therefore decided to devote their team efforts to develop an artificial “nose” capable of spotting potentially infested palms. 
When tissue samples will have confirmed the infestation an organic acid treatment can start in earnest.

If you want to know more about this treatment, please do leave your comment below and we will get back to you shortly.

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