The Malaysian Authorities are rolling out #5g to the oil palm industry as a top priority

The Malaysian Authorities are rolling out #5g to the oil palm industry as a top priority. Why? 

An acute labour shortage leaves huge amount of crop unharvested, rotting on palms. The loss impacts Malaysia’s economy negatively. 

Mechanisation is the only solution. But mechanisation can only be effective if the location of every harvesting and evacuation equipment operating inside your estates is known to the field office server in near-real-time.
Only then the server can coordinate all movements in a 21st century smooth supply chain fashion!

With 5G data now circulating freely and fast to where it is needed, the mill now knows what tonnage is coming its way hour after hour. Your agronomists actually SEE what is growing on each and every of your palms. Your researchers reduce your fertilizer usage hence your cost. Your HQ gets analytical accounting data in near real-time. You have shorten your management structure. 

But 5G is so new that not many assets monitoring sensors are available. So 5G is been rolled out in conjunction with another wireless technology called LoRaWAN. It was developed in France and tested in plantations 3 years back. 

The 5G and LoRaWAN rollout inside plantations opens the door to more innovations.

Innovations that will help the Oil Palm industry transit from a labour intensive industry to a 21st century precision agriculture industry.

Lack of labour, lack of pollen and lack of monitoring of this and that, all could become a thing of the past thanks to this rollout!
Agronomy, genetics, biology, planting practices, every single aspect of the management of an oil palm plantation is about to be changed.

Stay tuned.

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