Michel Gilmour

Oil Palm solutions scouting

Michel has passionately scouted people & technical solutions in South East Asia for most of his professional life.

In Indonesia, he identified partners for France’s leading chemical & pharmaceutical company various departments and subsidiaries before headhunting talent out of Singapore for the next 30 years with three of the world’s top ten executive search firms.

In Malaysia this time, he has searched for, and developed technologies to solve challenges faced by the oil palm industry. His first contribution was when he identified Lam Soon and Wings as potential partners for the UNIPOL lime soap dispersant technology.

Later he navigated various wireless technologies & R&D labs to deliver the long-range low power sensor at the core of Tanalys & TanaLink solutions, two companies he founded. The Oil Palm Industry today can know at 5-second intervals where every worker or machine is, supporting increased efficiency and safety across its upstream operations.

Along the way he helped set up PONGO Alliance (Palm Oil Growers hence PO and NGOs), a joint group engaged in mitigating human/animal conflicts in & around oil palm estates.

Lately, he developed with Innovafeed a South East Asia strategy for co-locating insect protein plants ‘over the fence’ from major oil palm biomass producers, reducing in the process their methane emissions…

Pre-internet he set-up for headhunters France’s largest database of engineering and business school alumni which was replaced post-internet by LinkedIn.

Michel's Collaborative Projects

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