Nicolas Turnbull

Enhanced Automated Pollination

Nicolas has been involved in major R&D programs with various universities & research stations, in Europe & Asia.

Based in Southeast Asia since 2012 with PalmElit, a global oil palm seed producer & a subsidiary of CIRAD, France’s leading tropical crops research center, Nicolas was the first Scientific & Technical Advisor to PalmElit’s Indonesian partner.

This is where he actively participated in the development & improvement of the world’s first intermediate resistant variety to Ganoderma spp., a soil-born fungus causing huge economical losses in Southeast Asia.

Concurrently he participated in the development of the first low oil acidity variety, obtained through marker-assisted selection.

In parallel to his scientific activities, Nicolas supervises PalmElit’s seed production operations in Indonesia and Thailand as well as market development in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

In his position as Regional Manager he also oversees the setting-up of a joint venture in Malaysia while strengthening PalmElit as one of the main seed supplier in the Indian sub-continent.

Nicolas's Collaborative Projects

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Nicolas Turnbull

Enhanced Automated Pollination

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